No so much to report here.  I got a little anxious and think I pushed it exactly the wrong way.  I had this idea that I’d get some bread done for Sunday to go with a nice split pea soup I was making.  So, I got the dough started Friday evening and let it rise in the fridge overnight, then in the oven with the light on during the day. 

My theory this time was to squeeze in an extra rise help in the sour department.  So Saturday night, I punched it down, kneeded and put it back in the bowl.  I left out overnight then divided the dough, formed two loaves and let one rise in the oven again.

In addition to not getting much lift on this last rise, this time I think I let it go too long.  When I removed the loaf to prep the oven it looked fine, but by the time I got it into the oven after scoring, it had deflated.  I cooked it anyway and it had decent taste and complexity but was fairly dense.

Debugging the process, I came across Sourdough Home, a website with some great tips.  As I looked through the troubleshooting tips, I could see at least two or three culprits.  Ultimately, I think there is just no substitute for time.  We’ll see if I can have better success with the remaining loaf which I let retard in the fridge overnight.