Well, as I mentioned previously, I was cautiously pessimistic about the terra cotta staying water tight even when using my high tech liner.  After a day or so, it was clear that it was seeping still, so rather than using silicone caulking or a terra cotta sealer available from many garden/home stores, I decided to upgrade to a fully glazed vessel.

I decided on a small glazed bowl (inside and out) that is recommended for table top water gardens, etc.  I think it looks nicer that the terra cotta and it will fit in well when I put some plantings around it.  Most importantly, it holds water!

I also reduced the length of the output tube so the fountain appears more spring like and less likely to spray out of the bowl when at full power in full sun.

Because I did the “adjustment” midweek and am usually at work when the sun hits that portion of the yard, my wife captured the fountain in all its glory (with its strange visitor) and sent me the link to the video.  Enjoy.