Ride: Home to the Amtrak Station.

Mileage:  About 6 miles, round trip.

Time: Didn’t really time it, but probably something like 10-15 minutes each way.

Weather: Warm temps (95 F ish) and not too much wind.

Comments: Rode my buddies wife’s bike with the kiddie seat and kiddie on board while he rode his soon-to-be-commuter.

Buddy was testing his new seat and timing his ride to the train station.  His work has a deal which gives him a substantial discount on Amtrak (which allows you to bring your bike) from Davis to Sacramento.  He’s planning on starting a bike/train/bike commute, so how could I avoid helping him suss it out?  He’ll probably have about 10 minutes on this end and maybe 15 on the other end, so that’s probably close to an hour of “free” exercise whenever he bike/train commutes.

As luck would have it, the Capitol Corridor train arrived just a few minutes after we arrived so he was able to check out the onboard storage facilities on the train as well as the station ticketing options/times.

Not to mention that said kiddie loves trains and enjoyed the show.  Wasn’t planning on riding anything today, but what the hey.  Time in the saddle and cleared some of the cobwebs.

August 2008
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